About Us

About Us

The “Us” behind Invention Intelligence is Cally Robson and Deb Leary. We will be adding an Associates section here soon to reflect the many innovation experts and supporters we work closely with. But for now, its all about us!
Cally Robson is a specialist in helping creative ideas people evolve their concepts for the marketplace. She is a certified coach and has been working one-to-one with individuals since 2002. She has developed the Invention Intelligence guidance system for todays inventors and innovators and runs workshops, seminars and mentor sessions for them, online and offline. Read more
Deb Leary is an award-winning inventor and entrepreneur who, in record time, developed her concept for an improved forensic stepping plate used in crime scene investigation into an international company, Forensic Pathways Ltd. She is an avid supporter of innovation – both by individuals and within organizations. She speaks at innovation and entrepreneur events worldwide. Read more Deb Leary

How We Joined Forces

When we met as co-panellists at an international awards conference for women inventors in March 2007, we both realized we thought the same about inventors and innovation…

Its not just practical know-how that matters, its what you have inside YOU and how you use it. At the same time, all the inspiration and support in the world wont make a difference unless youre prepared to learn the SMART THINKING you need to get ahead of the game when you set out to exploit your idea or Intellectual Property.

In summer 2007, when Deb was writing the book of her journey from newly qualified lecturer to award-winning inventor and entrepreneur with her company Forensic Pathways, and Cally was lining up to scale her training and coaching business, ideas-into-action, into online services for inventors and innovators, we both had a dawning realization.

Both of us share the same goal of shaking up conventional advice and help for inventors, and delivering information and support that takes a more whole and effective approach to individuals creating successful new products and services for todays fast-changing marketplace.

Once we twigged that our complimentary talents and experience could work well to make that goal happen quicker and with more added value, the outcome was obvious. Team up to grow Invention Intelligence into THE online community of modern-day inventors and innovators, like-minded professional experts, and people who are as passionate as we are about chucking out old-school thinking around inventing and introducing ways to really help todays innovators help themselves. Innovating on inventing itself, you might say.