Invention Intelligence

What is Invention Intelligence?

Do you get overwhelmed by all the advice available to inventors and innovators?

Do some pieces of the puzzle just not fit?

Do you find it hard to make even the simplest of decisions about your idea, for fear of going in the wrong direction or making a wrong move?

Well, youre not alone.

Most innovative individuals suffer unnecessary paralysis and worry because they are looking for definitive answers about their idea. And they find there are no experts out there in a position to take the overall view and make a helpful definitive judgment.

Worse, even a seasoned inventor or business mentor might give them direct advice they just dont gel with.

At Invention Intelligence, we believe that YOU and only you are the one to make the savvy decisions for your invention or product innovation. Not an IP attorney, designer, business adviser, or even other experienced innovators.

Yes, you need to take the advice available to you, at the right time, in the right measure, but Invention Intelligence is about more than telling you what to do next. Of all the help and advice available to inventors and innovators, Invention Intelligence is unique because it gets you to understand and apply the principles and strategies for successfully developing a concept and taking it to market.

The key to Invention Intelligence lies in the mindsets you need to apply as you evolve your idea.

Once you get the different thinking under each mindset, and discover the often simple strategies to follow, you can unlock your ability to see exactly where you are going with your idea and the priority steps you need to take.

The success strategies and the thinking power for each mindset help you quickly identify and move through the challenging parts of the puzzle – around Intellectual Property, setting up a business, honing your entrepreneurial skills in a way that sits well with you, thinking like your customers, developing a sales strategy, being effective and true to yourself, and of course, the technical areas of developing and prototyping.

Bye-bye worry and confusion, hello freedom to steam ahead with your idea, on YOUR terms.

Even if you have just the germ of an idea right now, its never too early to start understanding the principles and strategies that will ensure you and your invention or product innovation are successful. Join up and download the Invention Intelligence Checklists, to make your start today.