Here at Invention Intelligence were all about giving you the tools and thinking YOU need to make a success of your new ideas.

Youll find just a few of the people weve helped on this page.

Some have had personal coaching, been on some of our workshops or telecalls, been mentored by one of us, or simply joined up and found the Invention Intelligence Checklists and eTips useful.

Wendy (right) finds help at a forum in Beijing“”Its really hard to make time to develop a new product, especially when there are no external deadlines and the day job is the priority. Thinking about the things that Cally has said lets me feel confident that I can eventually succeed in selling my idea, despite and because of all of the other things that happen in life” Wendy Howard, designer of an innovative closure for the sewing industry

“Invention Intelligence is the only resource I have come across that brings together advice on all aspects of inventing. Its not just about giving you information, but also helping you to develop the critical thinking required to take control of your inventing business.

There is no shortage of advice for inventors. Your patent attorney will tell you how to protect your idea, a designer can advise on manufacturing and a marketing expert will give advice on selling. Valuable as this is, there are critical and expensive mistakes which inventors frequently make because their advisors are not looking at the big picture, just their own specialisms. I learned this the hard way with previous projects; if only I had come across ideas-into action earlier!

The downloadable Checklists were a great way to audit my strengths and weaknesses, so I was able to set about plugging the gaps.

The Invention Intelligence Workshops helped me to think about myself more constructively and to understand the best order in which to work on each aspect my project.

The Invention Intelligent approach to selling inventions through discussion and building relationships, rather than making a big presentation, has transformed my approach.

I have also been lucky enough to talk through my project with Cally Robson, whos the only person I have met who hasnt just offered good advice, but has guided me through asking and answering critical questions myself. This is a really empowering process that has left me feeling far more in control of my inventions development.” Pip Cartwright, Inventor, Fast-Fast bike lock system, www.fastfast.co.uk